Draft Revised Rico Land Use Code articles 1-6

Rico Regional Master Plan

Town of Rico Land Use Code

Town of Rico Zoning Map

Town of Rico Hazard Maps

5-25-2018 Speer Slide Avalanche Mapping and Report

5-22-18_Rico Speer Slide Map

Note regarding Town of Rico Hazard Maps:

The wetlands hazard map is a digital rendition of maps that were produced by Patrick Drew and Foley Associates in a document called “Inventory of Wetlands and Riparian Areas within the Town of Rico Urban Growth Boundary” which is available for review at the Rico Town Hall.  All other Rico Hazard Maps are digital renditions of maps produced by Chris Wilbur P.E., Doug Bradley and Foley Associates the documentation of which is included below.  All hazard and constraint boundaries are approximate.  Lots that fall within the hazards are subject to Environmental Development Permits as defined by the Rico Land Use Code.  Lots that include flood plain areas and wetland areas may be subject to federal regulations.

Documentation for Hazard & Constraint maps, Town of Rico Colorado