Road and Trail Closures

Due to the 416 fire burning north of Durango, the San Juan National Forest has closed the following roads and trails:

  • Lower Hermosa Road (NFSR 576),
  • Mitchell Lakes Road (NFSR 740),
  • Hermosa Park Road (NFSR 578) from U.S. 550 to Celebration Lake,
  • Cascade Divide Road (NFSR 579),
  • Hotel Draw Road (NFSR 550) east of its intersection with Scotch Creek Road (NFSR 550),
  • Junction Creek Road (NFSR 171) beyond mile marker 17.5 but not including Neglected Mine Road (NFSR 574),
  • Elbert Creek Road (NFSR 581),
  • Relay Creek Road (NFSR 580).
  • Hermosa Creek Trail (NFST 514),
  • Pinkerton-Flagstaff Trail (NFST 522),
  • Jones Creek Trail (NFST 518),
  • Goulding Creek Trail (NFST 517),
  • Dutch Creek Trail (NFST 516),
  • Upper Dutch Creek Trail (NFST 497),
  • Little Elk Creek Trail (NFST 515),
  • Big Lick Trail (NFST 499),
  • Elbert Creek Trail (NFST 512),
  • Clear Creek Trail (NFST 550),
  • South Fork Trail (NFST 549),
  • Neglected Trail (NFST 547),
  • Salt Creek Trail (NFST 559),
  • Big Bend Trail (NFST 519), and
  • Corral Draw Trail (NFST521).

The Colorado Trail remains open.

The closure will remain in effect until July 9, 2018, or until rescinded, whichever occurs first. Extension of the closure timeframe or area may occur depending on fire activity.

Violations of the closure are punishable by up to a $5,000 fine for an individual, or $10,000 fine for an organization, or imprisonment of up to six (6) months, or both.

For more information on the closure, please contact the San Juan National Forest at 970-247-4874. For 416 Fire updates and information, please follow on Facebook at

416 Fire Road and Trail Closures

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