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Artists of Rico


Restaurants of Rico

In Rico, a town with just under 300 residents, restaurant owners face a series of unique challenges. The most difficult of these challenges is the result of a lack of local customers and the general isolation of this beautiful mountain town. In order to maintain a thriving restaurant, owners rely heavily on their ability to provide delicious food and a friendly atmosphere.  While that is no easy task, the restaurateurs of Rico have managed to do just that.

As you enter Rico from the north, the historic restaurant known as The Enterprise invites you in. The Enterprise has been in business for an impressive 125 years, and once you try a bite of their delicious food it’s really no wonder. The menu at The Enterprise is relatively simple. It’s comprised of typical bar food but the locally sourced ingredients, and southwestern flavor turn an American classic into a meal as unique as the town. The Enterprise uses beef from Delta, Colorado, and gets most of their other ingredients from Durango and Dolores. The owners, Brandy and Justin, emphasize the use of local ingredients in part because it creates a menu that features southwestern favorites (the green chile cheddar burger and tachos), and in part because it was the small town mountain lifestyle that brought them to Rico, Colorado.

Prior to moving to Rico, Brandy and Justin spent their time in a more tropical climate. They sailed in regions near the equator, but as anyone who has lived in the mountains knows, the magnificent giants known as the Rocky Mountains are hard to leave permanently. Brandy, Justin, and the other employees’ love of Rico, Colorado is evident, and it creates a palpable atmosphere of enthusiasm. The friendly environment and excellent service allows their customers to feel like genuine locals, and after you spend a little time eating wonderful food and taking in the surroundings of one of the few untouched mining towns in the Rocky Mountains you are sure to return to The Enterprise.


On the southern end of Rico lies the Tamosan and Co. Taco Stand. It is a bright yellow building surrounded by chairs and flowers of all shapes and colors. Tamosan and Co. is known for its unusual combination of tacos and coffee. The owners, Alex and Ben Steele lived in Arizona prior to heading to Rico, Colorado. Alex came up with the idea for a breakfast taco stand because he loves both tacos and coffee.

As customers enter the Tamosan and Co. Taco stand, they are greeted with the smell of fresh baked blueberry muffins. The most popular item on the menu is the breakfast burrito, which can be ordered with the customer’s choice of chicken, bacon or carne asada. Like the Enterprise, the taco stand opts for shopping locally.  They buy their ingredients from Delta, Durango, and Cortez, Colorado. The owners’ focus on fresh and local ingredients helps create a menu that is both healthy and satisfying. While the heavy ingredients in a typical breakfast burrito can leave you feeling full of grease, the Tamosan burritos are made with fresh eggs and meat and combined with a delicious fresh pico de gallo salsa and locally grown lettuce. Additionally, Tamosan provides customers with freshly ground coffee and unbeatable service.

Perhaps it’s the altitude or the stunning views, whatever it may be, the employees at Tamosan are extremely friendly and some of the most genuine people one might stumble across. They are happy to be in Rico, and more than happy to welcome you to their home. The combination of tacos, coffee, and friendly faces creates a restaurant that is well worth revisiting!


The Prospector Restaurant